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Geoff Holt, UK Artist, 1942 - 1998

This is a Tribute Website for the beautiful paintings and drawings of Geoff Holt.

Chosen at 14 to attend Junior Art School at Camberwell on a scheme for gifted children run by the London County Council, Geoff Holt left formal training behind at 18 and thereafter sold his works privately or by commission.

The whereabouts of many of his works are unknown, therefore we hope this website will encourage anyone who knows of other works by Geoff Holt, to contact and help improve this tribute site.

The hunters
"The Hunters" Geoff Holt, 1977 (90cm x 70cm)

The image above, "The Hunters" was taken from a print of the original. (whereabouts of the original is unknown) Print first published by John Sears, 52 Shephard Market. London W1.

"Geoff and Mary, (his first wife) and I were friends in London in the 1960's. I lost touch with them after leaving the UK to travel overland to India in 1970. Over the years I often wondered how Geoff was doing, as I remembered him as an amazingly talented artist who was always great fun to be with. As I became more proficient with computers and researching on the web, I searched for Geoff's work, but could never find any references to it. In 2008, I finally found a post by Denis Holt, Geoff's younger brother, who was also looking for Geoff's art via the web. It was Denis who first informed me of Geoff's death, and has since been instrumental in getting this website up and running. I met Denis in the 1960's, when Geoff and I were both hanging work on the railings at Bayswater. Denis used to help Geoff by moving his art to and fro and since we met again via the internet, has helped me locate Geoff's family and friends who have supported the creation of this tribute website.

I was very saddened to realise I'd never see Geoff again, but occasionally during the process of creating this website, it feels as if Geoff is looking over my shoulder and letting me know when I'm on the right track. It feels good to rekindle our friendship this way, and its been a real pleasure getting to know the lovely Sue Holt, (Geoff's 2nd wife) and Felix, their son."

Lina Eve 2008

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